In the collaborative process of preparing each edition of our nationwide journal, “Disability: Discourses of Special Education”, our primary objective is to revise issues within the realm of special pedagogy. We greatly appreciate your dedication as Authors to conducting research and preparing articles that go beyond the boundaries of our discipline.

The contemporary world, particularly within the spheres associated with widely acknowledged disability, is subject to ongoing changes, as evidenced by the submissions from authors to our Editorial Board, indicating researchers’ openness and readiness to explore, analyze, and describe them.

The articles featured in “Disability: Discourses of Special Education” emphasize that special educators consistently address contemporary challenges – they  adeptly observe, respond to, and explain changes in the areas of care, law, education, rehabilitation, and therapy within individual, familial, and social contexts.

Within the pages of our journal, we present practical solutions, empirical research, and theory, enabling an interdisciplinary perspective on disability. During the compilation of each edition, our aim is for the articles to serve as a valuable source of current knowledge for professionals, practitioners, and theorists in the field of special pedagogy, as well as in related fields.

We cordially invite you to submit your research, theoretical (overview) and methodical articles, as well as reviews and disputes. We welcome the voices of young special educators, inviting them to share their projects and research in our “Students’ Research” section.

We encourage you to explore both our current and archival volumes, hoping they will inspire you to engage in your own theoretical and empirical explorations, as well as contribute to debates and discussions. We invite you to share your insights within the pages of our journal.

Currently, we are accepting articles for the volumes scheduled to be published in 2024:
– Deadline: 28.02.2024 – Open topic
– Deadline: 20.05.2024 – Issue’s subject: Inclusion in education
– Deadline: 30.09.2024 – Issue’s subject: Disability studies
– Deadline: 30.09.2024 – Open topic
Details about our requirements and editorial procedures can be found in the “Requirements for Authors” section.

All articles in the journal undergo a peer-review process.

The current parametric evaluation is 40 points (Announcement from the Minister of Science dated January 5, 2024, regarding the list of scientific journals and peer-reviewed materials from international conferences).

Since 2017, the journal “Disability: Discourses of Special Education” is exclusively issued online.

Previously published volumes are accessible in the “Archive” section.

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